Ethiopian Guji Coffee

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Ethiopian Guji Coffee

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Looking for an exquisite cup of coffee that doesn't give you a splitting headache? Look no further than EarnestandHumbleCo's Ethiopian coffee yeast and mold-free beans! Our beans are harvested from the highest altitudes to ensure their quality, and our unique roasting process results in a pleasantly mild flavor. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a cup of the smoothest, most headache-less coffee you'll ever taste!

The floral and berry aromatics are true characteristics of an Ethiopian'GUJI'. This well-balanced, cup really tells you about the terror of the region in Guji where the coffee was grown.

Brewing Highlights: The coffee pot and french press bring out its strong taste and full body yet vibrant acidity.  While the Chemex and cold brew bring out a heavy-bodied with a sweet finish. Taste the coffee of the gods, It's like drinking a cup of sunshine! Wake up to your favorite flavor every morning. 

FLAVOR: Bananas, Caramel, Brown Sugar, and  Cherry

BODY: Full Body
ACIDITY: Medium/Vibrant