Kericho Gold, Kenya

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Kericho Gold, Kenya

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The Great Rift Valley in East Africa is known for producing some of the finest tea leaves in the world. Here, tea is grown at a high altitude with a lot of rain and in red volcanic soil.

At this high altitude, low temperatures cause tea leaves to grow at a slower rate, developing a greater depth of flavor and more powerful antioxidants. The tea is naturally grown without pesticides as pests can’t survive the climate at such high altitudes.

Kericho is the main tea growing region in Kenya with a favorable location in the heart of the Rift Valley and it represents the best of Kenyan terroir. Kericho Gold is a selection of specialty tea where only the young delicate leaf buds are picked.

This makes tea with a lovely smooth, light flavor that is never bitter. 

Contents: 3.5 oz Loose Leaf