La Basa Aromatic Chakra Oil
La Basa Aromatic Chakra Oil
La Basa Aromatic Chakra Oil

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La Basa Aromatic Chakra Oil

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La Basa 

Corresponds to the color red.  It represents Earth, as well as stability, vitality, loyalty and prosperity.

Affirmation: I am stable, strong and healthy.

This accord opens like a mango liqueur.  The dry-down is warm, sweet and velvety with a layered sweet, wood backdrop.   This blend has depth, reminiscent of a cozy winter evening by a cabin fire or your favorite hotel lobby lounge where the service is exceptional and the cocktails are a work of art

"All living matter vibrates according to its own unique vibrational pattern."

The Chakra Collection

A collaboration of Chakra inspired fragrances, designed from an aromatherapeutic perspective, using the process of perfumery.  This line is blended with plant-based skin nourishing oils of safflower and coconut, then infused with natural accords of essential oils, flower essences & resins.  The collection is designed to be used all over as a head to toe fragrance for the hair, neck, chest, arms and all pulse points.

We introduce this collection with the 1st and 4th Chakras corresponding to the Perineum Base of the tail bone, Root Chakra - La Basa and the heart center- Centro de Corazon.  "Interpretation of which plant essences balance and connect best with the 1st and 4th Chakras may vary.  We hope you enjoy ours." -Keba