Ija Charles Kids Collection
Ija Charles Kids Collection
Ija Charles Kids Collection
Ija Charles Kids Collection
Ija Charles Kids Collection

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Ija Charles Kids Collection

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  • Limited Run double feature puzzle of Ija's impactful "Nature" series. The Ija Charles Kids Collection features "Black Boy Joy" and "Sisters" in a kid friendly count of 180 pieces of culture.
  • Through her colorful, magical, whimsical artwork, Black Boy Joy, self-taught painter- entrepreneur, Ija Charles, paints a picture within a picture that creates joy while delivering an unspoken, yet powerful message of encouragement – in the midst of a world that is against you keep smiling little black boys; keep being amazing, resilient, and optimistic!
  • In a field of sunflowers, “Sisters” demonstrates the true joy of a kinship by nature, nurture and choice.  As a companion piece to Black Boy Joy, artist Ija Charles once again captures the beauty of childhood and a connection to others on which we grow to depend.
  • Family fun and family friendly. This puzzle is sure to ignite family fun, entertainment and memorable moments and conversations.

  • Perfect Gift of Fun and Connection. Perfect as a gift, family activity, conversational piece, mental challenge and exercise as well as an opportunity to escape and focus on each piece of inspiration.

  • A perfect puzzle to introduce young students to the joy and rewards of experiencing the details of art, creativity, and identity. Puzzles have shown to enhance critical thinking, memory recall, and patience, and encourages collaboration  

  • Family fun and family 

Pieces: 180 EA
Puzzle Size: 11x14 in EA

Box Size: 10x8x2 in

Made with recyclable materials.