Metallic Silver Rollable Flats
Metallic Silver Rollable Flats
Metallic Silver Rollable Flats

Flat Out of Heels

Metallic Silver Rollable Flats

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Size:Small (5-6.5)

So you're ready to step out of your high-heels and steal the show! This sleek and stand-out design features a metallic finish that will keep you cute, classy and comfortable.


Flat Out of Heels rollable and foldable flats offers a solution for those who suffer from sore feet due to wearing high heels or hard flats.

  • High quality VEGAN and MACHINE WASHABLE fabrics that will not peel or crack
  • Thick and DURABLE with NO SLIP, NO SKID red bottoms
  • ELASTIC on the heel for a better fit
  • MEMORY FOAM material to relieve any pressure
  • A COMFORTABLE walking experience!

Whether its a day IN (at work) or a NIGHT OUT, save your feet from those KILLER HEELS by packing your FLAT OUTS!