Vegan Bamboo & Teak Beard Wash

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Vegan Bamboo & Teak Beard Wash

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4 oz.

There is no need for beard wash to be made with silicone or harsh chemicals. Our vegan formula is made with the finest plant based ingredients, including bamboo extract with antioxidant and anti-irritant properties that create healthy hair growth. Blended with juniper berrytea tree and jojoba oil, this beard wash will calm and nourish sensitive skin. This beard wash improves blood circulation, strengthening hair follicles, promoting the growth of a thicker hair. 

Our vegan bamboo and teak beard wash is suitable for all types of facial hair. It will help eliminate dandruff, add smoothness and luster without build-up or oily residue. This beard wash also creates a rich lather to cleanse your facial hair, hydrate the skin and be used as a shampoo. The wash helps fight dryness by calming the skin and ridding the skin of the bacteria or fungus that is causes flaking. Gently for daily use.