Vegan Heat Protectant Serum

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Vegan Heat Protectant Serum

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2 oz.

This Vegan Heat Protectant Serum creates a silky-smooth finish without weighing down fine to normal hair. This product helps to repair damaged hair and is perfect for all hair types. The best step to help prevent breakage when used before a blow dry. It's your favorite go-to hair care product for thermal styling.

Cruelty free heat protectant that works to seal ends and prevent breakage. Helps tame flyaways, tame frizz and naturally increase hair’s strength and elasticity. This lightweight formula seals moisture in the hair cuticle protecting it from burning, drying out, and becoming dull. The heat protectant adds a brilliant natural shine, additional layer of protection when silk pressing and thermal styling hair. Delivers a sleek, high-gloss finish, protects hair from heat damage and color fading.

Perfect for use on wet or dry hair. Never fear applying heat again with this silicone free formula. Minimizes heat damage due to blow-dryers and hair straighteners. No added sulfates or parabens, just a high quality blend of organic essential oils.