Body Butter | Precious Sudan - The Shade Room Shop
Body Butter | Precious Sudan - The Shade Room Shop
Body Butter | Precious Sudan - The Shade Room Shop

Butter By Keba

Body Butter | Precious Sudan

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This Precious Sudan blend is for the grown and sexy, and it is powerful!   A favorite among the gentlemen and ladies. The balancing aroma aroma of (stimulating) Cinnamon and (relaxing) vanilla.   Notes of (grounding)Sandalwood and (soothing) Frankincense envelope with depth and sweetness.   This blend is for cozy evenings or nights out on the town. A favorite among the gentlemen and ladies, cinnamon and vanilla have been said to evoke sensuality and connection.


Best applied fresh out of the shower, our proprietary formulations are infused with aromatic blends designed for subtle lasting fragrance through the lens of a certified aromatherapist.   Aromatherapy Body Care.
  • Nutrient rich oils and flower wax contribute sheen; function as fast-absorbing emollients and a nourishing conditioner, reputed to help soften and even the appearance of stretch marks.  Works wonders on dry patches.
  • Stirred into a smooth balm under elevated temperatures to activate vitamin rich ingredients,
    • then cooled to produce fast absorbing results for the skin, as well as soft, supple restorative elasticity.
    • We add plant based oils of Grape Seed, Rice Bran oil and Candelilla wax which is  non-comedogenic, to make our butter formulation more soluble and nutrient rich.  Grape seed & Rice bran oils are known to be wonderful skin foods with Vitamin A, E, Omega-6 fatty acid and anti-oxidants.  
    •  See "more info" for full ingredients list and fragrance back story.